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Help us Get on Our Feet and a Place to Soak Them!

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Here is where I tell you a little bit more about myself.

We are asking for financial help from complete strangers, as desperate times call of desperate measures.  We have not run up credit card debt, we have not gone on shopping sprees, quite the opposite actually, I can't remember the last time I bought myself something new.  We live life on a week to week, paycheck to paycheck basis, like most American's, and have suffered some set backs, and just can't seem to get back on our feet. 
I explained all about the Bathtub on the Home page.  I REALLY want my bathtub.  I can picture it now(try picturing this with me...But don't close your eyes because you can't read what happens) Okay so picture this, locked door with the muffled sounds of children screaming, crying and fighting over something, while Dad; at a complete loss, yells the wrong name "Don't touch that, Mike..uhh John..uhh whatever your name is".  As a small, somewhat Grinchlike smile starts at one corner of my mouth, I slip into a steaming hot bubble bath, surrounded by scented candles with soft music playing (make that loud music...I don't want to hear the world for 30 minutes).  I lay my head back on a folded towel, close my eyes and drift in a warm sea of scented bubbles, escaping my life for 30 wonderful, selfish, warm and bubblely minutes.  PLEASE, I want my Tub!!
I had a part time night and weekend job at a grocery store making minimum wage and got laid off.  (I am a stay at home mom and we only have one car, so nights and weekends are my only option)  I have been searching both local companies for work with odd hours and the web for some sort of work at home opportunity that doesn't require payment first or isn't a scam, and have come up with nothing.  I held a pretty decent job before we moved out of state and decided I would stay home and raise our son, the most important job in the world to both of us. 
What I need:
I need a way out of my debt.  A clean slate, a fresh start, a "Do Over" if you will, as well as my BATHTUB!  Our debt is relatively small when you look at others.  We only need 8,000 people to send us       $ 1.00 or  4,000 people to send us $ 2.00 or 2,000 people to send us $ 5.00 and so on.  I think more than 2,000 people pay more than $5.00 for coffee!   So all in total, We only need $ 8,000 to be free and clear, have a BATHTUB! The peace of mind that we would feel is priceless.  (Plus a nice long soak in some nice hot water would make everything better)
What do you get out of this?
Honestly, nothing tangible. I will post a link to your site once you make a donation.  You will get the warm fuzzies from doing something nice for someone who truely desperately needs it.  I believe whole-heartly in Karma and paying it forward.  And what I can do now to help pay it forward is post your link to my site, a nice $1.00 donation for linking would be fantastic too.

Thank you for helping me and my family start fresh in 2007.