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February 6, 2007    ***URGENT UPDATE***   Just wanted to pass on the latest news to those who are keeping up with my site.  My husband Lost his job!  WE HAVE NO INCOME!  He is desperately seeking employment, but it's slow going, as it's the dead of winter and he's in Construction.  The two mix like Oil & Water.  If you ever felt the urge to gift or make someone happy.  I'm cyber begging you, this is the time we need it!

Daily...Weekly...When I get a chance Updates

Sunday, January 21, 2007   Day 2 of the website being up and running.  I will be tweaking it as I feel it needs tweaking, and I will be adding a FAQ page, once the FAQ's start coming in!  I'm trying to come up with Creative Ways to get my website out there for public viewing, as obviously, this isn't going to work, if no one knows about it.  Any suggestions?  Anyone looking to swap links?  There's another idea, I'll add a links page.  You send me your site, I'll toss it up on my links page, and you can put mine on yours.  That's about it for now.  I'll be updating when there's info to update!  Thanks again and wish me luck.
Tuesday, January 23, 2007  Day 4 and quite a number of hits, I'm actually surprised.  I wasn't quite sure how to get published and noticed and have tried a few message boards, seems to be getting out there somehow.  Please feel free to pass my link around to EVERYONE.  The emails are fantastic.  I love reading what others have written.  For a donation, I'll post outtakes of these emails! (Hey I gotta get my tub)  I did a little surfing around on the Home Impovement sites at the tubs, what beauties!  Once I get my tub installed I'm going to post it's picture everywhere!  Keep the emails and donations coming and the links going around. 
Friday, January 26, 2007  Just a Quick note to let everyone know, I'm not an Idiot, please don't bother asking for my Bank Account information, as I'm not going to give it to you.  There is a Paypal link for gifting.  I appreciate any and all offers of Gifts and if you are unable to utilize the Paypal option, I will have to pass.

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Thank you for helping me and my family start fresh in 2007.