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Help us Get on Our Feet and a Place to Soak Them!

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Here are the ways to help me out.  Click on the PayPal link Below or send your Gift to: Via PayPal.  So basically, send gifts via PayPal.
Please Note:  The PayPal button will be taken down once my goal is reached.  I will not accept a penny more than I am asking for.  I will refer potential Gifters to others in need once the button is taken down.  Thank you all in advance!

Thank you for your Gift.  Please note this is a Gift, like the $5.00 you got from your Grandparents in your Birthday card.  This is NOT tax deductable.  That was just a reminder.  Thank you again for your gift! Send me an email to link to my site, let's get all of our sites out there.

Thank you for helping me and my family start fresh in 2007.