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Help us Get on Our Feet and a Place to Soak Them!

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By taking to the time to visit my site, I know you are a kind and generous person.  I appreciate your time and curiosity.  (It was the Bathtub that interested you wasn't it?)    I will give you a cliff notes version of who we are and what we're about ( there is more detail on the About Me Page)
We are a young family starting out in life and we have some financial problems, not due to over spending or living a fabulous lifestyle, but the exact opposite.  Our hardships are due to, well, hardships; lay offs, vehicle repairs, home repairs, basically anything over $50 completely disrupts our paycheck to paycheck lifestyle, and starts digging our hole.
We are looking for people, with kind hearts, who have either been in this situation or know of someone who has and how hard it is, that would like to make a difference in someone's life. 
What about the Bathtub??
We need a Bathtub. We have one very small bathroom that serves the entire family for, well, bathroom functions, laundry needs, and contains the ity bityist shower stall you have ever seen.   So we need a Tub!  We have children and they are just getting too big for their Toddler Tubs, and I can't quite figure out the logistics for showering with them.  I guess we could stuff them in the stall like sardines and hope they all come out, but I would much prefer a tub.  Needless to say, installing a tub requires some rearranging of other fixtures, that requires capital, and we don't have any extra to go around, hence the website, the pleas for assistance, and the story of the bathtub.   So, please help us get on our feet and give us a place to soak them!
We are looking to raise $8,000 to make all our troubles go away.  That's just $1.00 from 8,000 people, $2.00 from 4,000 $ 5.00 from 2,000 people and so on. 
Please remember this is me asking for you to give us a gift.  The money is insignificant, the true gift you are giving is peace of mind, as well as a small retreat(my tub) for an overworked Mom, and that is truly priceless.

"How Do I Help?", you ask? 
There are a few ways:  Check out  Contact Me / Give a Gift for information on how to send me a gift AND make sure you pass this message onto all your friends who would like to help and so on and so on. 

What's New?

Check back here to see what is new in my world.  And to follow my donation trail.
February 6, 2007    ***URGENT UPDATE***   Just wanted to pass on the latest news to those who are keeping up with my site.  My husband Lost his job!  WE HAVE NO INCOME!  He is desperately seeking employment, but it's slow going, as it's the dead of winter and he's in Construction.  The two mix like Oil & Water.  If you ever felt the urge to gift or make someone happy.  I'm cyber -begging you, this is the time we need it!
For just $ 1.00, I will post your link or message.  Think of all the people you could reach for Just a Buck!
  • Just a Side Note... For all of those who have asked for my Bank Account and other Personal Information.  I think I might be experiencing a life altering Blow to the Head later, and that could lead to the possibility of me posting my confidential information directly to the website, making your life that much easier, since you won't have to type that long email asking for it. So keep your fingers crossed!!

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.


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Thank you for helping me and my family start fresh in 2007.